Friday, June 5, 2009

Famous nasi lemak in Alor Setar -- Nasi Lemak Ong

I went to Alor Setar last weekend to attented my lovely Er Jie wedding...I went there after work traveling for one hour finnaly reach there around 12am...tired man. After then, the next day we whole family went for famous nasi lemak in town ----- Nasi Lemak Ong which nearby Sentosa Shopping Centre.

After reach our destination..we have to do our own task...old people go for seat then young people go for queuing...i'm the youngest so have to queuing in order to order the food...lets see what have there....

Oh...big prawn my favourite...but my mom didn't order that for me..sigh!!

Owner of the shop --- Uncle Ong

Ah xian

Let's get start...before, during and after!!

~the end~